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My word you do look queer!

Once a month I meet up with a friend and ex-colleague  for a pub lunch, he is recovering from an operation and I remarked how well he looked. It seems that I was the first one to say so everyone else was saying that he looked poorly, but then perhaps they have not heard of or don’t remember that famous Stanley Holloway monologue ‘My Word You Do Look Queer’! Stanley Holloway made this 1922 music hall piece popular some thirty years after the following recording. Read more of this post

Everything in moderation.

On a recent mytelegraph post I called Charles II “a nasty vindictive bastard”, adding “not literally of course but who knows”. Perhaps I should have said “a nasty vindictive bastard of a monarch’, without questioning (facetiously or not) his legitimacy. My remark was made as an allusion, by way of a reply. It would seem that the term ‘bastard’ is deemed to be offensive and subject to moderation by way of being deleted. I can see how this might be, although there are those in Australia who would disagree on this. Read more of this post

Like – ‘er’, you know, they’re only words.

Education, Education, Education, was the mantra of New Labour in 1997, which certainly appealed to me, having the experience of two boys being educated in a state comprehensive school.  An appeal reinforced by my experience in a military training establishment for adolescent and mature students.  However, 13  years post New Labour’s mantra and some 20 years post the Tories Citizens Charter, it seems that instead of a nation educated and proficient in the use of ‘simple English’, we are now a nation of ‘English simpletons’.

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