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1666 and all that!

This week on Facebook: Last week saw the 350th anniversary of The Great Fire Of London, which broke out on the 2nd of September 1666.  It has since been dwarfed  — at least in scale — by subsequent man made wartime infernos, but this was time when cities like London were potential fire traps.
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Riots at the games

This week on Facebook: The remarks of a colleague about EUFA 2016 and hooliganism, made me think that supporters of games exhibiting antisocial behaviour is far from being a new phenomenon and probably has many historic roots. Not being a supporter of any particular game and indifferent to EUFA 2016, I nevertheless thought that violence associated with games presented an interesting area of web research. I now know that in contemporary football Ultras promote yahoo behaviour and are encouraged in this by the amount of media attention given to them. However Ultras or their behaviour is certainly not new, it also seems that modern Ultras are pussycats when compared to their historic equivalents at Roman games and Circuses.  Read more of this post

A life of π

This week on Facebook a week of posts on the subject of pi (π) can surely only be of interest to a geek but don’t worry, there won’t be another week from me like this one until 2022. This week, beginning on Monday March 14, is known as world Pi (π) Day, which this year is 3.1416 (for those that use a non UK English notation).

Though as Michael Caine is wrongly attributed as saying, ‘Now there’s not many people know that’. I doubt that come tomorrow, the world would have been shaken by the riotous behaviour of those celebrating the advent of the day. Nevertheless, Monday’s annual event did result in the following π pertinent postings. (Incidentally — if the value of π is infinite: How can it be a constant?)

For those who, unlike me (apart from those befuddled moments brought on by old age) who are not geeky, there is always PI (π) Media.  I’m sure that you’re wondering why the name PI (π) Media was chosen.  Never short of an opinion about anything, I would hazard a guess that like the never ending π it’s intended to be a never ending source of online information. It may be of course that once a year it gets free publicity from us millions trawling the net annually in our never ending search for enlightenment regarding the never ending π. Read more of this post

Le retour de Napoléon?

The King’s shilling

It’s quite difficult to give an equivalent figure for the 2012 worth of four shillings from 1545.  Here, the 1545 four shillings becomes an approximate  present day (2012) income of £1000. This makes the sum seem large, but if it had to be divided equally between say twelve people, they would each receive four silver pennies, which in 1545 was the equivalent of one day’s wages for a labourer. This is based on the equivalent ‘income value’, which measures a specific wage or more-general income and is thought to be the most reasonable method for what follows.

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