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Francis never tired of walking Offa’s Dyke, especially the climb to Dinas Brân where the surrounding views always rewarded his effort to get there and never failed to reinforce the emotional bond he held for the place. The views were spectacular with Moel Morfydd, Moel y Gamelin and Pen-y-Garth standing on the far ridge like sentinels guarding Dyffryn Dyfrdwy. He used the Welsh names for the distant hilltops, the Dee Valley and even castle Dinas Brân, pronouncing them in the lilting Welsh of the Marches that Hywel had taught him many years ago. His Welsh had become so good that he was taken for Welshman when he spoke it. Read more of this post

Children Will Listen.

The same medley and two version. I quite like Barbara Streisand and have a few of her records. I don’t have any recordings by Mandy Patinkin. In the recording below Mandy Patinkin has has a simple piano accompaniment this, and the setting, makes it quite different from the following Barbara Streisand version in which she is accompanied by an orchestra. Read more of this post


A close friend of mine has a grandson diagnosed as an Aspie, having become more enlightened on Aspberger’s Syndrome, I was prompted to post a critique of the TV programme Chasing Shadows.

Whilst researching material for this critique I came across a web site, written by an Angry Autie  who had posted an amusing piece with the title: The Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical. Read more of this post

A tart with a heart

Watching a television programme recently brought the theme ‘tarts with hearts’ to mind. That male fantasy epitomised by Julia Roberts in the film ‘Pretty Woman’, which was more a pastiche of ‘My Fair Lady‘ than a Shavian ‘Pygmalion‘ and one that I was not going to include in any post with this theme. While I reviewed a number videos to include here, I found myself collating an homage to Shirley Maclaine. So my ‘other tarts’ will have to wait until another time. Read more of this post

Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom

Listening to the tune ‘Slap that Bass’ on the radio, I recognised it as being from the film Shall we Dance, starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Rather than play my DVD copy of the film, I viewed a video for ‘Slap that Bass’ on the internet and have embedded it below. There is a comment that the opening sequence of ‘Slap that Bass’ made one viewer feel ‘uncomfortable’. Discomfort, I assume, at the all black troupe and the inference drawn that they were crew members in the engine room.

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Chick Flicks

My wife really wanted to see the film Hope Springs‘. I was somewhat reticent, it being yet another chick-flick but I have usually enjoyed the film performances of both Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep . We haven’t seen all of their films, in fact very few of the many films that they have starred in, with Hope Springs being their first ‘joint venture’ (unless you know different). We don’t always enjoy the same films. My wife really liked the film It’s Complicated and insisted on buying the DVD. I simply thought that the film traded on the name of Meryl Streep and her co-star Alex Baldwin.

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