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Campus Censorship on Facebook

Monday February 8: My Facebook Page provided a link with the title When College Radicals Obliterate History in which the authors use the term malware to describe what they call radical attacks on history. Malware is malicious in its intent and I’m not sure that such a generalisation is valid here. History is perhaps the one subject where the right connection may not necessarily be made between correlation and causation, nevertheless any connection between the two is guaranteed to be controversial and long may it continue. Read more of this post



AT Windsor to-day, before a full Bench of magistrates, a serious charge was made against the Head Master of Eton, a clergyman, who appeared to feel his position acutely. Police-Constable Boot gave evidence in support of the charge, which was preferred under the – Obscene Publications Act, 1857, commonly known as Lord Campbell’s Act. Read more of this post



The Court of Criminal Appeal gave judgement in this case today, which arose out of the conviction of a canal boatman for failing to send his children to school.

The Lord Chief Justice: This case is simple but important. The appellant, Samuel Bloggs, is a boatman owning and navigating a pair of monkey-boats (erroneously described by Sir Ethelred Rutt as barges) on the Grand Union Canal. Mr. Bloggs is a married man and has three children, who reside with their father and mother on the two boats, which are loyally entitled George and Mary. Mr. Bloggs was summoned by the Education Authority of the County of Middlesex for failing to send his children to a school for the purpose of receiving elementary education, and he was committed. Read more of this post

Nurturing Education

Reading a post that referenced excerpts from a book by Charles Sykes, reminded me of my 2011 post ‘Knowledge is not a shovel’, itself prompted by Knowledge is not a shovel – Universities and democratic society, in which Gesine Schwan wrote:

“The primary aim of education, however one understands it, must be to nurture the ability to reflect, to develop new ideas, and to implement these collectively”.

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