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Freedom of Expression and Democracy

In 2008 Sir Ken Macdonald, QC, the then Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) gave a speech on Free Expression and the Rule of Law  at the Birmingham Law School. The DPP remarking that:

“An opinion, in and of itself, cannot be criminal. Ever. Just as the law should not attack thought, it should also be slow to proscribe speech or expression simply because it is capable of causing offence. If you want to be able to say things that others don’t like or find challenging, you need to be willing to hear things that you don’t like”.

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What is Right With the World

The rooted hope of the modern world is that all these dim democracies do still believe in that romance of life, that variation of man, woman and child upon which all poetry has hitherto been built. The danger of the modern world is that these dim democracies are so very dim, and that they are especially dim where they are right. The danger is that the world may fall under a new oligarchy — the oligarchy of prigs. Read more of this post


The dramatic irony of the outrage expressed that Iraq may possess weapons of mass destruction (WMD) was compounded by the that facts the UK possessed WMD, is one of the ‘Big Six’ arms exporters and is a permanent member of the UN Security Council. A professional media portrayed Saddam Hussein as a brutal megalomaniac who oppressed his people. Political duplicity gave voice to exhortations that ‘we must do something to end this oppression’ and join with the USA in the Coalition of the Willing. Read more of this post

Sir Ethelred & the Sweeney

The Government, especially MI5, wish the Justice and Security Bill enabling secret courts to be enacted. When enacted, the Justice and Security Bill will remove the last vestige of Magna Carta. A wish now reinforced by the recent trial of Vicky Price and the media furore raised when, in discharging the jury, Mr Justice Sweeney said:

In thirty years of criminal trials I have never come across this at this stage, never. Read more of this post

“Depart, I say”!

Politicians always try to curtail ‘freedom of expression’. They are aware that such freedom gives voice to a cynical electorate who believe their only motivations are self-interest and self-aggrandisement, in pursuit of their tax funded sinecures.

This cynicism being reflected in the many internet posts relating to the speech made by Oliver Cromwell when, in 1653, he dissolved The Long (Rump) Parliament. The following account – published in 1893 and much edited and abridged by me – is taken from Cromwell and The Parliament found in Historical Tales  by Charles Morris. Read more of this post

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