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2016 October Comments/Reviews/Thoughts

I’m not sure how to regard the lack of entries this month but although conscious that all things have a life cycle I would regret the demise of this group. I frequently use the word disparate when referring to it, which I think it apt and a good reason for belonging to the group. We are not all the same, either in the perceived quality of our writing or in the subjects we choose to write about in response to a theme. When I joined the group I felt that I should offer a critique of the stories and so I did some research on critiquing. Read more of this post

2016 September Comments/Reviews/Thoughts

Having read all the stories this month and being surprised by the variation in them, I decided to look again at flash-fiction and what it was all about. Read more of this post

2016 August Comments/Reviews/Thoughts

Universal Channel (TV) has unveiled its new look and logo with the tagline ‘100% Characters’. I haven’t given it much thought until now, when I think that it’s really quite a clever tagline but one that could be applied to any story-telling genre. This perhaps begs the question of how characterizations and descriptive elements make a story come alive and the techniques for doing so, to which I don’t have a clear answer. However, I would be surprised at anyone getting pleasure from reading a story — either fictional, non-fictional or biographical — in which they did not make an emotional connection with the characterisations. The emotional nature of a character or place is usually described just enough to satisfy the moment and context, adding to an emotion compilation hopefully being created in the reader’s mind.  Read more of this post

November 2015 — comments/reviews/thoughts

The following thoughts may be obvious to most of you but to a newcomer in this motley band of short story writers, each step can be new to me. Read more of this post

October 2015 Comments/Reviews/Thoughts

While seeking to complete the phrase, When I became a man I put away childish things, I was pleasantly surprised to find a C. S. Lewis attribution. In his essay On Three Ways of Writing for Children it’s paraphrased by C. S. Lewis to, When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up. A trait that has become more pronounced in my dotage. Read more of this post

September 2015 Critique/Review/Thoughts

I recently sent an email to an ex-colleague saying something like: a thought that now seems rather obvious — but to me as an engineer and ex-civil servant who spent a lot of time writing reports and specifications certainly wasn’t — which is that if you are writing fiction you don’t have to tell the truth. This assumed truism amongst fiction writers is a real struggle for me, even when reminding myself of it. Rather strange that I should even think like this given that I have never had a problem embellishing the truth (just a little bit), being deliberately conservative with the truth or on occasions concealing it. In all of these concepts previous untruths may have remained hidden depending on the circumstances, but no untruths were ever added. Writing fiction that allows characters, time, places, events, etc, to be manipulated for the purpose of the story is something that I’ve happily accepted in my reading but I find it an alien concept in writing.

Read more of this post

August 2015 Critique/Review/Thoughts

The more I read the more I understand the difficulty that there is in the creation of a good short story. Perhaps it’s now time that I took some short stories off my bookshelf and at least attempted to read them, other than Woody Allen and a few other comedic collections that I have read. Of course every month the short stories in this group are really short, especially this month. Novel, novella, novelette, short story, flash fiction — a word count by any other name may not lead to any enlightenment! This month most of us may have written really long flash fiction, which those subscribing to National Flash Fiction Day may still think too long (see Rule 10.1).

Read more of this post

July 2015 Critique/Review/Thoughts

I was going to give July on the CWG ‘a miss’, but Araminta’s story caught my attention and — well — one thing led to another, so here I am. The time interval between scoring the stories and any critique, review, thoughts, is really essential. Although I would like to see more advance notice on the forthcoming themes (I do understand the present difficulties: i.e. September’s theme needs July’s result). Read more of this post

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