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Misleading Cases: Reprise

This week on Facebook: It occurs to me in reading the misleading cases of A. P. Herbert that they are as relevant today as at the time they were written. Their context may be somewhat different and certainly society’s views on the freedom the individual are, but the law — far from being less oppressive — insidiously tightens its grip over individual freedoms. Read more of this post

2016 December Comments/Reviews/Thoughts

USA: The budget (a history)

This week on Facebook: Just before Christmas I commented on an article posted on Facebook [see Facebook — The Nation] — not something that I do very often as comments on the election that resulted in Donald Trump being nominated President of the USA and the outcome of the Brexit referendum are for the most part simply (to my mind) the ravings of the disaffected. In this case I did listen to the related podcast giving rise to the leader by Robert Reich: Why Republicans Are Wrong About Taxes, commenting that Robert Reich may well be wrong. Read more of this post

Social Media & Post Truth

This week on Facebook: Probably — like most people — I had always assumed that I could find articles on the internet that matched my expectation of the truth.  I never thought for a moment that I may be subjected to a form of social media brainwashing. This deliberate act by the providers of social media  services may have certain advantages when researching the internet but non more so than those offered to sources who wish to influence or — more usually — reinforce opinions that are already held. Read more of this post

Vulpes alopex

Some four years ago Charles posted on the now defunct My Telegraph website ‘The Boxing Day Hunt – Perfect Entertainment after Christmas Bingeing’ it looked to be an interesting post on a one time favourite rural pastime. Charles wrote:

One of the tedious things about being poor is that one can’t indulge in pastimes like hunting. But one can turn up, as a supporter, and soak up the atmosphere (and maybe a bit of the Port). It really is enormous fun. If you haven’t done it, why not try it this year, on Boxing Day?

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The Journal

The gun crew of SMS Nürnberg were relaxing, Franz was ignoring their idle banter using the moment’s respite to write in his journal: St Quentin Bay, November 24, 1914. Having finished coaling we are ready to round the Horn. The admiral has told the squadron that he would not make light of their situation, with the navies of the world allied against them a difficult task lay ahead. He and the captains would use their best endeavours to lead them safely home, if not for Christmas then the new year… . Read more of this post

In vino veritas!

This week on Facebook: I thought that with Christmas approaching, a week of the viniferous might be appropriate be you a vinologist or simply vinose and without a tendency to vinolence. Did you know that there are actually wine days celebrated throughout the year? I don’t know them all but I’m sure that I don’t miss any. Read more of this post

Physiologie du Goût

This week on Facebook: Perhaps not as quite lighthearted as first intended. I first researched entomophagy for a post published 2 years ago with the title A Tale Of two Maggots. Following my articles posted on Facebook over the previous 2 weeks this seemed an appropriate time to reintroduce entomophagy, those in search of a global solution to the human global desire for protein may find answers this week. Of course, it’s not the ideal solution but it’s probably better than Soylent Green Crackers just like grandmas used to tastealthough I suspect that the missing apostrophe is quite deliberate and intended irony perhaps (my grandma was an iron lady, she was the only survivor of five children, lived through the 2 world wars and ate far less protein than we do today). Read more of this post

The Harvest

Cryogenic Science Ltd was the UK subsidiary of DeepSleep Inc located in the USA and the only privately owned cryogenic facility in the UK. When DeepSleep filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy the financial collapse of Cryogenic Science was inevitable, CS Ltd was put into administration with the subsequent investigations revealing massive financial and technical mismanagement within the company. No members of CS Ltd’s board of directors were arrested and despite the obvious malfeasance that occurred, the former Chief Executive Officer and his Head of Research at CS were both allowed to returned unhindered to the USA. The government funded the restructuring of the company and incorporated it into the Ministry of Life Enhancement, otherwise known as MOLE, replacing the former CEO with a government appointee who immediately ordered that an attempted resuscitation was to be made of all the bodies and brains cryogenically frozen at CS under the directions his new Head of Research Dr Bethany Volcker. Read more of this post

Teach a man to fish!

This week on Facebook: My attention turned to fish and the ever increasing global demand for sources of protein. I often mention in conversations with a friend what I call my Tesco Tuna Test, the contention being that cheap tins of Tuna — usually sold as 3 tins wrapped together — is only possible when the supply continues to exceed (or match) the demand. The demand is clearly going to increase, along with the price and the eventual reduction in the global supply of supply of tuna. If the TTT provides a measure of global overfishing by the price of wrapped tins of tuna divided by the weight of tuna therein, it will also increase. It’s difficult to predict what number in the TTT would represent global overfishing, especially as that number has already been reached, but perhaps it may represent the rate at which global overfishing is occurring. This assumes that supermarkets, their suppliers and consumers of tuna, actually care as the TTT has yet to begin a recognisable (and inevitable) exponential rise. Read more of this post

The Bulletin

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