Marrano – The Letters

Between late 1938 and July 1942, my twin brother, Abraham Francisco Hubsch, wrote to me at least once a fortnight from Paris. Our ambition was to study together at l’École de Paris, but we agreed that one of us should stay in Santa Cruz de la Sierra with Mama.  Being Marrano was just family history which, to us both, could have no relevance in this day and age. We should have listened to Mama, history does have a way of repeating itself. Here are five letters written by Abraham between 1939 and his disappearance in 1942.

Miguel Ariel Hubsch

1952 Read more of this post

‘Shades Of’?

Some three years ago I wrote the post Machismo and the modern man, this was a commentary on the emasculation of the modern male and a masculine response. There was a strong connection with Australia (Oz), particularly the influence of Germaine Greer. Ms Greer is a chicken come home to roost so to speak, possibly the repatriated progeny born of colonists transported for their disruption to the harmonious order of society. Yet it’s to the men of Oz that we should express our gratitude. They have responded to this ‘emasculation’ by creating a shed culture for the alpha male. Read more of this post

January 2015 Review/Critique

My choice has become one of personal preference, in effect which stories gave me the most reading pleasure. That is not to say that the other stories were not an enjoyable read, but I had to make a choice. One that was not made on the quality and presentation of a story, that would have meant too many choices, and so my list is heavily biased. Read more of this post

OH NO! Not another blog on blogging!

When I first began blogging on My Telegraph there seemed to be a continual cry of, OH NO! Not another blog on blogging!  My search for a ‘decent’ site had led me there and having lurked off stage – so to speak – I decided to blog there, beginning with non-controversial blogs. I thought the site often treated newcomers in a very unfriendly manner, certainly not in any way that could be termed ‘an honest critique’ of their blog content or its presentation.

Some five or more years later, the world has moved on. Amateur bloggers like myself who now know how the professional media have commandeered the internet – if they’re wise – have given up any delusions of grandeur that they may have held, or are captives of that media. Still, blogging does give voice to the ‘common man’ (I’m sure you ladies know my intent) and both the professional media and amateur bloggers are learning to use ‘blogs’ effectively. So! Cue Aaron Copland and Fanfare for the Common Man (article). Read more of this post

That Odious Greek Debt

Der Spiegel reported in May 2010 that without bribes virtually no foreign company could do business in Greece. In How German Companies Bribed Their Way to Greek Deals, Der Speigel claimed that the money from bribery enriched industrialists, civil servants, the military and politicians.  Read more of this post

My word you do look queer!

Once a month I meet up with a friend and ex-colleague  for a pub lunch, he is recovering from an operation and I remarked how well he looked. It seems that I was the first one to say so everyone else was saying that he looked poorly, but then perhaps they have not heard of or don’t remember that famous Stanley Holloway monologue ‘My Word You Do Look Queer’! Stanley Holloway made this 1922 music hall piece popular some thirty years after the following recording. Read more of this post

2015 Election Year

In The debt we’re in (Jan 2011) I referred to a 2009 report by Brooks Newmark MP with the title The Hidden Debt Bombshell. In it Newmark claimed that the true level of government debt was £2,200 billion and not £805 billion as was reported by the Office for National Statistics. It’s interesting that Newmark has not written a similar report in the run-up to this years general election. However I can understand why. Read more of this post

Children Will Listen.

The same medley and two version. I quite like Barbara Streisand and have a few of her records. I don’t have any recordings by Mandy Patinkin. In the recording below Mandy Patinkin has has a simple piano accompaniment this, and the setting, makes it quite different from the following Barbara Streisand version in which she is accompanied by an orchestra. Read more of this post


A close friend of mine has a grandson diagnosed as an Aspie, having become more enlightened on Aspberger’s Syndrome, I was prompted to post a critique of the TV programme Chasing Shadows.

Whilst researching material for this critique I came across a web site, written by an Angry Autie  who had posted an amusing piece with the title: The Institute for the Study of the Neurologically Typical. Read more of this post

2014 Statistical Review

The stats prepared a 2014 annual report for Aasof’s Reflections, which was viewed about 2,200 times in 2014.

The ‘Stat Counter’ presents a somewhat better analysis for 2014:

             Page Views    Unique Visits    First Time Visits    Returning Visits
Total     5,209                  4,539                      3,542                               997 Read more of this post

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